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FEELING BURNed OUT? I've been there!

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I'm your Self-Care Concierge. Ready to find you ways to bring more Self-Care and Joy to your life.


we all know the feeling

Energy zapped, nothing left in the tank, burned out and ready to quit the 9-5. Ready to run away from it all and head to the mountains to camp forever. My mission was to find joy and refill my battery pack and I did it. I am here to help you find that JOY and renewed ENERGY.

Self Care resources

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30 Day Self Care Plan

Feeling out of sync? Get my *free* 30 Day Self Care Plan to start taking care of yourself and feel renewed and refreshed.

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The 7 categories of self care

Want to know more the different areas of self-care? This resource breaks down self-care into 7 categories and gives you examples for each area.


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Kelly, Los Angeles, Ca

Self-Care Commune helped me realize I have been missing self-care and self-love. This group has been a bit of inspiration in my days and reminds me not to forget about myself.

Avery, Claremont, CA

Stacy and Self Care Commune have helped me to reevaluate my art and authenticate my well being with structure, love and creativity. Thank you so much Self Care Commune!

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self care content:

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