Calendar revised-01.png
Calendar revised-02.png
Make a Self-Care Summer Playlist
World UFO Day
National Compliment Your Mirror Day
Buy a Journal that Inspires you to write
Celebrate Mental Monday
Get that body moving today
National Strawberry Sundae Day
Practice an act of Practical Self-Care 
New Moon in Cancer~
Set Those Intentions
National Pina Colada Day
Cheer Up the Lonely Day
National Simplicity Day
Embrace Your Geekness Day
National Mac n Cheese Day
National Give Something Away Day
National Lottery Day~ Buy a ticket for someone else
World Listening Day
National Moon Day
National Junk Food Day
Leo Season Starts
Full Moon in Aquarius & National Gorgeous Grandma Day
Amelia Earhart Day~ Celebrate Courage
National Wine & Cheese Day
National Aunt & Uncle Day
Let's Get Physical~ Pick a new exercise 
Mid-Year Career Review Day
National Lipstick Day
International Day of Friendship
World Ranger Day~ What is your dream job
Pay respect and gratitude to a spiritual teacher today


Calendar revised-01.png
Calendar revised-02.png
National Sisters Day
National Coloring Book Day
National Watermelon Day
National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
National Underwear Day
It is Your Lucky Day
National Lighthouse Day
Happiness Happens Day
New Moon in Leo~Set those Intentions
National Book Lovers Day
National Lazy Day
Mountain Day
National Vinyl Record Day
Left Handers Day
National Financial Awareness Day
Chant at the Moon Day
National Thrift Shop Day
World Photo Day
National Radio Day
Enjoy Your Day!
National Margarita Day
Focus on Physical Self-Care Today
Pluto Demoted Day
Phone-a-Friend Today
Focus on Emotional Self-Care Today
National Just Because Day
Self-Care Saturday~ Treat Yourself!
Soul-Care Sunday Free Choice
3rd Quarter Moon 
Eat Outside Day
National Tell a Joke Day


Calendar revised-01.png
Calendar revised-02.png
Self-Care September Begins
Plan your year end medical visits
Celebrate All The Feels Friday
Social Self-Care Saturday
Soul-Care Free Choice
Labor Day
New Moon in Virgo
Do 20 minutes of Yoga
Rosh Hashanah
Do something Practical
Plan a Fun Friday Night In
National Make Your Bed Day
Grandparents Day
1st Quarter Moon
National Coloring Day
Organize your Desk 
Phone a Friend 
National Dance Day
National Clean Up Day
Full Moon in Pisces
International Day of Peace
Fall Equinox
Practical Self-Care Day
All The Feels Friday
Make Your Social Self-Care a Priority
Better Breakfast Day~
Celebrate with Brunch
Mercury goes Retrograde ~
3rd Quarter Moon 
Support a Small Business Day
Self-Care September Ends
Collect Rocks Day~ Crystals Anyone?


Calendar revised-01.png
Calendar revised-02.png
World Smile Day
Indulge in Joy 
Soul-Care Sunday
Mental Self-Care Monday
National Be Nice Day
New Moon in Libra~
Set those intentions
Find a Mentor or
Be a Mentor
Practice an act of Emotional Self-Care 
National Curious Events Day
World Mental Health Day
Indigenous Peoples' Day
Renew you commitment to your physical self-care
National No Bra Day
National Dessert Day
Practice an act of Emotional Self-Care today 
National Mulligan Day
Practice an act of Mental
Self-Care today

National New Friends Day
Full Moon
International Shake Out Day
Treat a friend to lunch 
Mercury in Retrograde Ends
National Bologna Day
International Artist Day~ Go on an Artist Date
Review all the things you have done for 2021. Celebrate your wins!
National Mentoring Day
Release an old habit that does not serve you
National Oatmeal Day
National Checklist Day
Happy Halloween
Host a Meal Day