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Happy New Year. 2021 is here!
Create a Gratitude List
Festival of Sleep Day
Buy a Journal that Inspires you to write
Make a Self-Care Playlist
Last Quarter Moon
Practice an act of Practical Self-Care 
National Bubble Bath Day
Practice an act of Social Self-Care 
Enjoy Your Day
National Clean Off Your Desk Day
New Moon
Make Your Dreams Come True Day
Practice an act of Spiritual Self-Care 
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
National Popcorn Day
First Quarter Moon
Aquarius Season Starts
Practice an act of Social Self-Care 
Plan 5 Dream Lives
Take a field trip into Nature
Random Act of Gratitude Day
National Green Juice Day
National Chocolate Cake Day
Full Wolf Moon
National Puzzle Day
National Croissant Day
Love Yourself Today
Support a Small Business Day
Inspire Your Heart with Art Day
Buy Yourself Flowers


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Calendar revised-02.png
Celebrate Loving Yourself Month
Groundhog Day
Make a Card Day
Last Quarter Moon
Focus on Emotional Self-Care 
Self-Care Saturday Free Choice
Create a goal list
Focus on Positive News Today
National Pizza Day
National Umbrella Day
New Moon
Lunar New Year Year of the Ox
Focus on Social
Self-Care Today
National Random Acts of Kindness Day
Focus on Practical Self-Care Today
National Caregivers Day
Love Your Pet Day
Enjoy Your Day!
National Margarita Day
Focus on Physical Self-Care Today
Self-Care  Free Choice
Phone-a-Friend Today
Focus on Emotional Self-Care Today
Full Snow Moon
Self-Care Sunday
Next Leap Year in 2024
Love Yourself Day
Presidents' Day US
Focus on Physical Self-Care Today


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Calendar revised-02.png
Create Your Own Luck Month Begins
Create Your Good Luck Club
Be Happy Day
Look at Your Luck Day
Last Quarter Moon
National Play Outside Day
National Cereal Day
International Women's Day
National Get Over It Day
National Pack Your Lunch Day
Create yourLucky List
Check in with your Good Luck Club
New Moon
Daylight Savings Time Begins
National Napping Day
St. Patrick's Day
Awkward Moments Day
National Let's Laugh Day
Spring Equinox
First Quarter Moon
National Single Parent Day
Chip & Dip Day
Professional Self-Care Day
Make Your Practical Self-Care a Priority
Make Your Own Holiday Day
Check in with your Good Luck Club
Full Worm Moon
Support a Small Business Day
National Virtual Vacation Day
National Equal Pay Day
National Freedom of Information Day


Calendar revised-01.png
Calendar revised-02.png
April Fools' Day
Walk to Work Day
Organize you art supplies
Last Quarter Moon
What can you release?
Indulge in Joy 
Review your Commitment to your health
Find a Mentor or
Be a Mentor
Manifestation Day
Practice an act of Emotional Self-Care 
National Siblings Day
New Moon in Aries
Get your wishes on!
Renew you commitment to your habits
National Scrabble Day
OR Play a board game
Practice an act of Professional Self-Care today 
National Laundry Day
Husband Appreciation Day
Express Yourself! What is an idea you have wanted to share
Practice an act of Mental Self-Care today.
Last day of Aries Season
First Quarter Moon
First day of Taurus Season
Professionals Day
Earth Day
Treat a friend to lunch 
Practice Social Self-Care today
Practice an act of Spiritual Self-Care 
Full Pink Moon
Let's Celebrate!
Review all the things you have done for 2021. Celebrate your wins!
International Guide
Dog Day
International Dance Day 
Just Dance!
National Honesty Day
May - August 2021 Coming Soon
National Librarian Day 
Pick up a book to read