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Creating A Self-Care Advent Calendar

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

SCC 2020 Advent Calendar 25 Day PDF
Download PDF • 5.87MB

I am a sucker for an advent calendar. I love putting them out every Christmas and filling them with fun items to surprise my family and friends. As of my last count, I have 7 advent calendars that are part of my holiday decorations kit (it is a problem I now!). This year I am ditching the chocolates and candies and substituting self-care tasks and activities instead. I am making one for me and some to give to friends who need the gentle reminders. It is gift giving and self-caring at the same time. I definitely took this idea from @mindandseed on instagram. Thank you for this great idea. I created task cards for both a 12 day and 25 day advent calendar. For a link to the daily self-care task cards follow the link above. I hope you have fun making this crafty and mindful holiday creation.

SCC 2020 Advent Calendar 12 Day PDF
Download PDF • 5.56MB


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