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A visit to a mind spa

Let me just start out by saying, this adventure was a straight up cosmic event. To say it was mind-blowing is an understatement.

Before really knowing what I was in for, I thought why not go to a Mind Spa. I am a sucker for a spa and having my mind pampered sounded like a good idea after having a very long first week back at school/work.

The treatment is a bit indescribable, but I will do my best. The first words that came to mind after it was over was WOW and Thank you.

Manori, creator of Neuma Being Mind Spa, is doing something extraordinary. Her Mind Spa is truly cutting edge and one of the coolest spots in Downtown Los Angeles. She designed her space and lounger to be an immersive treatment that puts your mind and body in complete relaxation so you can tap into your creative space. Her attention to detail and calming spirit makes this experience a beautiful journey where time stands still.

My appointment began with tea and a chat about what my intentions were. The session was supposed to be around 90 minutes, but time felt like it stood still. I truly felt like I escaped to another dimension in her architecture studio turned mind spa filled with comforting green foliage and the amazing artwork and color from the buildings surrounding her studio.

Manori’s healing modalities are like nothing I have felt before. She combines sounds, vibrations, smells, tastes and her own intuition in a mind altering and healing treatment (with absolutely no drugs needed). As I was in the lounger for what felt like 5 minutes, but was really close to an hour, I had amazing visions and words of clarity come to me. As she ended the session, I did not want to open my eyes or leave this comforting place. I wanted to lay motionless, just to soak in all the amazingness that happened within. It was so incredibly cathartic and relaxing. Although, I love a spa and getting my body massaged and face oiled up, Neuma-Being Mind Spa is my new favorite way to get pampered.

For my first Soul-Care Date of my new school year, this one will definitely be hard to follow up. I will be going regularly to see Manori. If you are interested in going on a Soul-Care Field Trip to see Neuma Being in person, reach out! In the meantime, Manori will be leading a Body Intelligence Workshop where she will discuss Somatic Awareness and Movement and answer all of your questions about her healing work on Friday, September 17th at 4pm PST. Email me for you details.

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