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SOUL-CARE DATES and why we need them regularly

The idea of a Soul-Care Date comes from Julia Cameron. In her book, The Artist’s Way, Julia prescribes a weekly Artist Date. This is a weekly solo date where you nurture your inner creative spirit. She recommends about 2 hours, but ultimately that is up to you and your schedule. These dates should not be with others, but be your own precious time to tap into receiving inspiration and guidance from the Universe.

These dates do not have to be costly, they can be small blocks of time where you walk in nature, drive in your car or go to a park and explore.

“As artists, we must learn to be self-nourishing.”-Julia Cameron

It is not just artists that need nourishing, it is all of us who need it. Although I am a creative person, I do not consider myself an artist, so I call my excursions Soul-Care Dates because they are about nourishing my soul.

I wish I would have learned about these amazing dates sooner, but the teacher presents itself when the student is ready. I am ready.

After 22 year of teaching, I have been through many ups and downs. I have battled burnout numerous times. In an effort to stave off burn-out, I have gone back to school, earned new credentials and degrees, changed teaching positions, changed districts, went into administration, left administration, experienced body pains, and dealt with anxiety. It took hindsight to realize that all of these symptoms and issues were caused by burnout and not being aligned in my purpose. These signs were my body and soul’s way of telling me to stop, rest and reflect, but instead, I said go, push through, work harder.

It was not until the pandemic that I learned I always have the ability to slow down. Rushing is not necessary and taking a precious 2 hours a week to nourish myself with excursions to new places and fresh experiences is what fills my cup.

"Do what intrigues you, explore what interests you; think mystery, not mastery."

-Julia Cameron

Some of my favorite Soul-Care Dates are free ones:

  • The Beach with a good book

  • The Bookstore. My favorite is Vroman’s in Pasadena

  • Going for a walk in a new neighborhood

  • Going to a garden center. I love Glendora Gardens

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