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Random & Radical Acts of Self-Care

We often practice Random Acts of Kindness for others, but how often do we practice random acts of kindness to ourselves. I call this Random Acts of Self-Care and I want to make this a movement. Now more than ever we need this! I am writing this during a global pandemic, a time of seeing racial injustices and civil unrest in the United States and people are unsure, including me. I am on a mission to do what lifts my spirit up so I can help all those around me. I have stopped watching TV that brings me down, reading crap that scares me and listening to things that do not raise my frequency.

Right now I am making the decision to choose my well being over all the other stuff. I need this and so many of my family and friends have said they need this too. Let’s make this happen, daily acts of self-care that lift our spirits and make us feel like we can take on this day, week, month, year. I have attached a Daily Self-Care Reminder to help keep you on track with what lifts your spirits. Print them out put them in your journal or planner.

Let’s focus on what raises our spirits. We’ve got this!!!

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